Iceland: Land of Fire and Ice (Days 4 and 5)

Do you know that most people who visit Iceland only stay for a day or two? They visit Reykjavik, check out the Golden Circle and maybe stop by the Blue Lagoon on their way to the airport.

If you can swing it, I highly recommend finding a way to extend your stay to at least 5 days. In my opinion, that’s how many days you need to really get out and see some of the best Iceland has to offer.

One of the main sights we wanted to see while in Iceland was the massive Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon. Iceland is called the country of fire and ice because there are SO MANY glaciers and volcanoes in this tiny country. Remember the volcanic eruption in 2010? I’ll never forget it. That one almost cancelled our honeymoon.

Day 4 of our Icelandic adventure was long, quiet, otherworldly and magical. We totally expected this to be a shorter day, but once again we were eating dinner at 8:30 pm and crashing in bed right after. Thank goodness Ethan was so adaptable!

The route leading to Jökulsárlón glacier is stunningly beautiful with waterfalls, lush green pastures full of baby sheep (the sheep! I wanted to snuggle all those babies!!), empty stretches of black lava rock and miles of moss covered rocks that looked like we were suddenly on another planet. There were numerous waterfalls along the way — so many that I had to cut Jason off…no more waterfall stops until we first get to the glacier!! It’s hard for his happy lil photographer heart and eyes to pass so much beauty by, but I promised him we could stop on the way back.

We did stop a few times along the way to hunt for a package of diapers (diapers were easy to find…packs of less than 80 diapers were not), explore the black lava fields where we felt like the only people in Iceland, to hop along the squishy moss covered rocks and peek in the little triangle homes built into the sides of mountains and mounds of grass. We even stopped for lunch at a tasty little cafe where i had the best $12 bowl of soup and warm, baked bread ever! Jason had a $24 cheeseburger. Ah, Iceland and your prices! But the glacier…THE GLACIER WAS MAGICAL!

I’m not sure what time it was by the time we arrived at Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon, but we were immediately enchanted. From the road headed east you can see the glacier lagoon with it’s floating icy peaks to the left and the black sand spotted with rocks of ice on Diamond Beach to the right. We’d never seen anything like that beach before so we checked that out first.

The beach is a magnificent black, it’s sand actually volcanic rocks that have been crushed into tiny sand-like bits. Resting all along the beach are giant pieces of the glacier which have broken off, washed out from the lagoon to sea, and then crashed back onto shore by the intense waves. It’s truly one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. Even with the cold misty rain coming down, we all loved every minute exploring the beach.

After the beach we crossed the road to visit the glacier. We had seen a few other glaciers when we went to Patagonia but this one had a different look and was oh so pretty. You can take a boat ride to wander between the glacier rocks but that was off limits with a baby so instead we stood on the shore just taking it in. So beautiful.

After all of our glacier exploring we started heading back west a few hours, stopping in Vik to explore for short bit  before our stay at Hotel Geirland, a cozy although simple hotel that has a fairly good restaurant (Ethan tried pickled herring for breakfast and seemed to like it!) and a pasture full of horses and sheep behind the main building.

Our fifth and final day in Iceland found us heading west back toward Reykjavik. This time I let Jason stop at any waterfall he wanted to, although I think we were a little waterfalled-out by this point. Still, we stopped to explore at least 2 or three magnificent waterfalls before driving back into the city to enjoy one final afternoon of exploring. We found an AMAZING and cute bakery and cafe called Bersson Mathus where we had a warm, delicious dinner before heading to our final AirBNB near the airport to be close to for our 6 am flight to Sweden.


As special thank you to Bumbleride for the warm weather foot muff that kept our little guy warm and dry nomatter where our adventures took us! His stroller, the Indie, is AMAZING both on and off the road. Learn more about Bumbleride here.


Where we stayed:

near the glacier: Hotel Geirland

near the airport: Svitan Guesthouse and apartments (we stayed in the spacious apartment)

Good cafe in Reykjavik: Bersson Mathus


Bumbleride Indie Stroller (all-terrain, good for jogging)

Fleece baby carrier cover (used over our Lillebaby): Jolly Jumper



2 thoughts on “Iceland: Land of Fire and Ice (Days 4 and 5)

  1. I visited Iceland on the convenience of a long layover. And just like you stated, I was one of those people who went to the Blue Lagoon and then left Iceland. After reading your post, I MUST go back!

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