A Nursery Sneak Peek


For years I dreamed about creating a beautiful nursery for a baby. I had the placement of everything mapped out in my mind. The crib would go here, dresser here, rocker here. And then it was actually time to get going and I was stuck. Once we found out that we were having a baby boy, J requested a woodland themed nursery, which sounded cute to me as well. But I didn’t want it to be too…well…themed. So I made mood board after mood board, trying to come up with the perfect blend.

For a while I decided that I would just sew everything from the crib sheets to the curtains, but pregnancy made me feel slow and sleepy and sewing just seemed too hard. I bought things and returned things over and over again. I must have purchased 13 curtains, although in my defense, the curtains from Target were incredibly inconsistent in their lengths and therefore impossible to match. And then there was the paint color. Swatch upon swatch upon swatch. I must have have 20 swatches that I narrowed down to maybe 5. I guess you could say that I’m not so decisive.

I kept wishing that we had wood floors, as if the carpet alone was what was making my decisions so dang hard! I really do hate the carpet, but there is nothing we can do about that other than hide it with rugs.

So I started with the easy things…white dresser from ikea (since I didn’t want to pay $1200 for the one I really wanted from Crate & Barrel), white modern crib and a simple white and blue muslin sheet I found at Buy Buy Baby. I added bit by bit from there and ended up with a slightly rustic but modern, grown up version of a woodland nursery. I truly love it. It fits our baby boy and the adventures he is bound to have with his outdoor-loving daddy.

There were a few DIY projects we tackled for the room including stripped and recovering the rocking chair, the tassel mobile above the crib, the pillow for the rocking chair and the wooden word art on the wall. I especially love the wooden artwork over his changing pad that J made for him with words that he wants Ethan to know perfectly describe him: loved, wanted, strong, chosen and so much more. It’s so beautiful and truly says who Ethan is to us.

I love how this room turned out. It doesn’t feel too baby for me and I managed to keep the design minimal enough to not make the small room feel cluttered. I also love the thought that he can totally grow into this space with minimal changes.

img_6448_ethan2moimg_6437_ethan2moimg_6440_ethan2mo img_6442_ethan2mo img_6441_ethan2mo img_6431_ethan2moimg_6439_ethan2mo img_6422_ethan2moimg_6446_ethan2moimg_6447_ethan2mo

Crib • Rocking Chair: vintage find from the Pasadena Rose Bowl • Crib Sheet
Mountain Wall ShelfArrow LampDeer and Bear PrintsRug
Grey PoufFelt Ball GarlandVintage Arrows









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