Beautiful Halong Bay: Days 2 and 3

SEAsia14__0254HalongBay-portraitAh, Halong Bay! Last week I showed you photos from the first day in Halong Bay but that was just the beginning. Day two of our three day cruise was EPIC! Seriously, this was one of our favorite days on our entire trip. My friend Katie had encouraged us to pay a little more for the longer cruise (most people just book the one night cruise) and she was right. There were only five of us who had booked the 2 night cruise which made for such a fun, peaceful day two. Our cruise mates — a German couple who are currently taking 5 months off of work to travel the world and a nice fellow from England who was about our age — quickly became friends as well dined, kayaked and explored hidden coves together on the bay.

A foggy day two started with the five of us getting onto a much smaller boat and then visiting a pearl farm where we learned about the business of growing and cultivating oysters. It was a quick and informative stop, and by the time we finished there the sun was out shining. Hooray! Next, we picked up some kayaks before anchoring in a quiet area for some play time. We jumped off the top of the boat more than once, kayaked to private beaches, explored caves and sun bathed on the top of the boat before chowing down on one of the best meals of the trip (yummy crab!).

After lunch, our boat headed to another quiet area deeper in the bay where our adorable guide for the day guided our kayaked through rock openings and hidden passageways while we looked for monkeys and snails. It was blissfully quiet and stunningly beautiful and by the time we were back on our boat we were all tired and happy. Of course, after a quick shower I was energized enough for yet ANOTHER feast at dinner with our new friends.

Day three of our cruise was my least favorite day, but still a good day. After a final amazing breakfast of eggs and pho (seriously, I could eat that every morning for breakfast) we headed to the Surprise Cave which was just a crazy mess of people and lines. The cave itself is giant and pretty impressive but not worth the crowds. We finished the cruise with lesson on preparing Vietnamese eggs rolls (I can’t wait to try this soon!) and a final lunch feast (aka eating the Vietnamese egg rolls) before cruising back to port.

I honestly can’t recommend cruising the bay enough. I had heard so many complaints about bad boats, crowded sections and dirty water so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Thankfully, we were pleasantly surprised and love our experience with A Class Opera.

If you haven’t read it yet, check out Day 1 of our trip to Halong Bay.

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 SEAsia14__0128 SEAsia14__0276HalongBay-pearlfarmSEAsia14__0283HalongBay-boatjumpSEAsia14__0315SEAsia14__0306111714_Asia_0186SEAsia14__0281SEAsia14__0343SEAsia14__0347111714_Asia_0275 111714_Asia_0203 111714_Asia_0270 SEAsia14__0242 SEAsia14__0353

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