Weekend Review + Gift Tags: A Free Holiday Printable

Hello my lovelies! I hope you all had a great weekend. It was quite cold and wintery here in San Diego this weekend. On Friday night we bundled up and headed south to December nights in Balboa park. It was a looooooong and stressful hour and a half to get down there (hellooooo traffic!), but once there it’s always worth it. Lights, food, music, entertainment and FREE museums! I just love everything about Balboa park, so it’s even more magical all lit up for the holidays. Our favorite thing about December nights is the food from around the world. This year we sampled empanadas from Columbia, dolmas (stuffed grape leaves) from Palastine and donor wraps from Turkey. Yumskies.



On Saturday night we had planned on going to the Encinitas Christmas parade which is the cutest thing you’ve ever seen … lots of firetrucks and kids riding bikes and skateboards down coast highway… but it was cold and I ended up wearing myself out during the day with errands and exercise and such. Instead, we went and got ourselves a tiny tree and started decorating! Usually we get a full size tree, but with Finn and all of his puppy energy happening this Christmas, we thought that perhaps a table top tree might be best. 🙂


And then there was Sunday. We were up at 6 to ride up to Pasadena with our friends for their famous flea market. Ya’ll — this place was INSANE! I’ll be honest, it was more than a bit overwhelming. This flea market is huge. Yes, lots of junk but wayyyy more treasures than I ever expected. There was a lot of beautiful furniture, tons of trinkets, loads of ugly Christmas sweaters and vintage clothing and shoes that any fashionista would love.

We went looking for a small rug for our kitchen, a new something (not sure what) to hang over our fireplace and two new living room pillows for the sofa. Instead we came home with a vintage pastry cutter and an old mission style rocking chair that we weren’t sure that we really needed but both really loved. 🙂 Isn’t that how it always goes? It was super fun, but I had a killer headache after three hours of walking around and looking from side to side, so I just crashed at the end of the day in a state of drowsy happiness.

Pasadena-photo 2

I guess you could say that we are in the full swing of the Christmas season. J already has all of his Christmas shopping done and gifts wrapped (overachiever) while I still have a few things to pick up. I usually put off wrapping until the last minute, and then I want everything to look really great under the tree, don’t you?

In the spirit of giving and because I just love to draw, I’ve created this set of printable gift tags that are just right for classy holiday gift giving. Just print them out (preferably on a heavier weight paper if you have it), cut them out and either tape them to your package or punch a hole and tie them to a bow. Think of it as a tiny gift from me to you.  **click here to download the full size page of printables**



4 thoughts on “Weekend Review + Gift Tags: A Free Holiday Printable

  1. What a packed weekend. I’m not surprised you ended up with a horrid headache, but at least you had fun getting there. I’m not a massive fan of Christmas but I do love wrapping presents really nicely and putting them under the tree. All our presents were bought online this year and will be wrapped in a hurry when we head home 2 days before Christmas!

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