I’ve been a bit absent in the blogging world lately. Nothing too unusual for me as work tends to monopolize my time ,and sitting in front of the computer again at the end of the day rarely sounds enjoyable. But a lot has been going on behind this radio silence so I thought it was time for a lil Alexis update… if you care.

* We went to Yosemite for vacation in September with some dear friends from Nashville. It also happened to be my birthday, which made it all oh so fun. My sweet husband even baked (yes, baked) me a cake over the campfire to celebrate. It was chocolate and peanut butter and pure perfection. Everyone who camped around us agreed. Our days were spent hiking and biking and laughing and eating. Who doesn’t love that?

DSC_0046 DSC_0091

* The day after our trip to Yosemite Jason was in a horrible accident. Thankfully he is ok other than a sore neck. Our car, however is totaled so we are on the hunt for a replacement. Blerg. If anyone wants to gift us with a Honda CR-V with leather seats and under 60,000 miles, that would be awesome. Kidding. Kinda.

* Our lil fur munchkin, Finn, has been growing like a weed. The fluffy fat puppy that we brought home in August has grown into a 25 lb long legged bundle of sweetness (and still growing!). We just love him.


* I was nominated for a little award called a Dove Award for “recorded music packaging.” It’s the Christian music version of the Grammies and an honor to be nominated alongside friends and designers that I admire. I’ve had early nominations before and have even been a judge for packaging design, but never a true nominee!

The Dove Awards take place next week on Oct 15 so we’ll see what happens! I won’t be there to hear who wins (it just didn’t work out for me to fly to Nashville for the festivities) but it still was fun knowing that I was invited to walk to red carpet and attend a nominee lunch with the likes of Amy Grant.

* Does anyone follow me on Instagram? If so, you already know that I had a run-in with some pink hair dye and now have a streak of extremely hot pink hair that I’m not sure I like. I didn’t intend for the color to be quite so bright and neon-ish, but I’m embracing it for the next month or so. Besides, just next week I’m going to a conference with the theme of women being BRAVE and hot pink hair… yeah that’s gotta take some courage.

You can find me on Instagram as sandiegolex

That’s it for now. I do have new recipes to share so maybe some day I’ll get around to posting them. Until then, hugs!

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