Introducing Finn

Remember a few weeks ago when we said that we were looking for a puppy to join our family? And we asked for breed suggestions? Well your comments were so helpful! By the end of the day we decided that Border Collies and Australian Shepard’s weren’t right for us or our space (not enough room to run free) so we googled medium sized dogs again and came up with a new breed for us. It turns out that a Brittany is the perfect dog for us… medium size, very people friendly, smart, eager to please, loves outdoor adventures and super loyal.

Wrong for us:

Dog Breedsthe border collie, also know as the rocket scientist of dogs. Crazy smart but also super hyper.

Right for us:

brittany_01_lgthe brittany. Not a spaniel — more like a pointer. Bred to be a gun dog/bird hunting dog.

I think it was a Friday that I posted about wanting a puppy. By Saturday morning we had decided that we’d like to get a Brittany puppy and we started looking for nearby puppies. Fortunately for us, there was a small breeder about 35 minutes from us that had two puppies left from their latest litter. We hurried over to their house and J immediately was taken to one little guy who rested his head on J’s shoulder to take a nap.

“I want this one!”

So much for us walking away from the owners and having a private discussion about it! J was smitten. And I don’t blame him…freckled nose and blue-green eyes…this pup was adorable.


So there we were Tuesday afternoon driving home with a wimpering bundle of fluff in my lap. It all happened so fast!

Since then we gave our little bundle of energy the name of Finn — a tribute both to surfing and the trouble-making, adventure-seeking Huckleberry Finn. The name seems to fit him perfectly, although sometimes Stinker seems like a more appropriate name. In less than two weeks we’ve pretty much fallen for this little guy. While sometimes he makes us want to rip our hair out (like the 30th time he climbed over his baby gate — we gave up on that), most of the time he’s a super snugly, sweet, playful puppy that just wants to be near us as much as possible.


We have no doubt that Finn will be a great addition to our adventurous lifestyle and plan to bring him along whenever possible when we go camping and hiking. Until then he’s just charming all of our neighbors and chasing butterflies around the patio before returning to his regular napping position — on his back with his legs in the air. Funny pup.

finn-twistyphototwisty sleeper

vscocam422neighborhood watch

vscocam424a plastic ball in a bin of water is so fun!

If you’re thinking about getting a dog but don’t know what breed is right for you, be sure to check out Animal Planet’s breed selector site. We found it SO helpful and this video they had on Brittany’s confirmed that this would be the right choice for us.


8 thoughts on “Introducing Finn

    1. Yes, I think that border collies are AMAZING dogs, but it’s just not fair to keep a dog if you can’t give it the exercise and activities it needs to be happy and healthy. But if I ever live on a farm…

      1. You don’t need to live on a farm to have a Border Collie. 🙂 I own one and have fostered 20 and I live just on the outskirts of a town. Definitely not a farm! It just takes being able to give them enough exercise and, just as important, a job to do such as herding, agility, etc.

  1. Oh, I wouldn’t have been able to say no either. He is just adorable! Those eyes. I’ve not heard of the breed before. Will keep it in mind when the time comes for us to adopt a pup!

  2. I have 2 Brittanys and LOVE them! Smart, funny, entertaining. We’ve had a multitude of dogs over the years and the Brittanys are def the best. Enjoy!

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