Better After: My Favorite Chair

Soon after I graduated college, I moved out of my parent’s house and into an adorable little brick bungalow in Nashville with my bestie Amanda (who also happens to write the most wonderful blog that you should check out). We were SO excited to be living together in this little house, but we had one little problem: we didn’t have a stitch of furniture. I clearly remember sitting on a pillow on the floor of our empty living room watching tv. So fun.

Anyhoo, right away I headed out with my mom to find some furniture basics: bed, dresser, couch. I was quickly taken by this cushy chair and ottoman that I found in one furniture store and just had to have it. It’s the kind of chair that you just sink into and never want to leave. It’s the perfect napping chair, reading chair, snuggling with your love kinda chair. It’s a favorite of mine and anyone who sits in it.


It’s been about 10 years since I first picked out this chair and while I still love it, it was looking, well, loved. As in faded, torn and saggy. And let’s talk about that floral fabric that I was so taken by circa 2002 but completely over by 2009. I’m a big fan of prints and colors, but this chair was totally limiting my design ideas (case in point…our gray floral rug under this rosy chair…ick). It was time for a makeover.

It took years but we FINALLY got around to getting this beauty recovered. And because J and I are completely obsessed with gray, we choose this nice gray fabric. The bonus is that is goes with everything! Which means that I can start going crazy with some patterned pillows. Doesn’t she look so much better?

vivagood_0630_2 vivagood_0630_3


6 thoughts on “Better After: My Favorite Chair

  1. stop. it. i am SO jealous. Partly because I have a half-recovered chair in my shed that I need to finish up. (get crackin’, B, get crackin’). And partly because I LOVE. ALL. THINGS. GREY. (Case in point: my entire downstairs.)

    I’m totally digging on the new look…..and wishing that Bethany circa 2002 had been friends with Amanda and Alexis circa 2002 because, clearly, parties would have been had, deep thoughts thunken, and TV watched from the floor. In other news, can we rewind and remember how Wendy and I used to have our TV sitting on a plastic milk crate? Yes. That happened. We used to watch it while sitting on our free couch. Sweet memories.

    1. I love that chair and ottoman! It looks beautiful. Wish I could sit in it right now and visit with you! xoxMom

  2. It’s a good thing you posted this because I just dropped our chair off at the same place you did and if I didn’t have your recommendation I would be worried that I would never see my chair again! I can’t wait to get it back now! I hope it looks as awesome as yours!

  3. That looks great! When I first moved into my own apartment I had two deck chairs instead of a sofa. You have to love those days, don;t you?! The grey works really well, and will probably see you through for another 10 years.

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