My Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix

I was SO excited when my first Stitch Fix arrived in the mail on Friday afternoon. “What the heck is a Stich Fix?” you might ask. Well, a Stitch Fix is an online program where you have a personal stylist pick out 5 items for you and send them for you to try out. The items they send are based on an online questionaire about your body type, price range and personal style, as well as any additional online references you might have — I gave them a link to my Pinterest style page since it has a lot of wish list style items. It costs $20 to have a “fix” sent to you, which can be applied to any articles of clothing or accessories you decide to keep, while the rest you return in a pre-paid USPS bag.

I decided to try out Stitch Fix because I’ve felt a bit like I’ve been in a style rut for a few years. When I was younger I loved being trendy and trying out new styles. I was actually stylish, brave and creative with both my clothing and accessories. But then I started working at home and I got lazy. Why dress up when no one is going to see you, right? Then I moved to SoCal and got even lazier. This city’s fashion sense includes flip flops and hoodies more than anything. Thus the downhill fashion spiral where I found I had nothing but out of date blue jeans in my closet and a whole heap of basics that are just plain boring. I loved the idea of having someone else pick out some items for me that I might now usually pick out for myself. It’s like having your own personal stylist without having to be a celebrity. Brilliant!

So how did it go? What did I get? Let’s start with how cute this box is. I opened it up and was so excited.


My box had 5 items: three tops, one dress and a scarf. It also included an invoice of how much each item costs (ranging from $30-$68) and instructions on how all of this works.

The first item was this sweater:


As you can see, the fit wasn’t super great. I really was hopeful this guy would fit me. I LOVE cream sweaters and loved the airy ruffled fringe on the bottom of this. But I have this whole busty problem and it just wasn’t very flattering on me. One down.


I wasn’t very excited about this sweater when I saw it. I felt like it was overpriced and the colors were more of a maroon than they seem in this picture. The fit was pretty awful. Once again, I’m busty so things that are super loose up top can often give me a tent effect that isn’t so hot. Worse than that were the sleeves that were about 2 inches too short — a total pet peeve of mine. No bueno.


When I got to the dress I realized that this stylist probably hasn’t dressed anyone who’s both thin and busty before because three of these options are pretty terrible for top curvy girls. I totally wish I could look good in this dress… I loved the feeling of the fabric and how easy it felt when I had it on, but that whole loose top part– the stripped section–couldn’t have been much worse for my figure. It made me look wide at the part of my body I try to minimize and also created that dreaded “tent” effect. Sadly, this is a no-go as well.


These are the last two items. I actually LOVED this blue blouse. The color is just divine. But, alas, I already have a blue one much like it (only with polka dots) as well as a beige version. No need for another so I didn’t even try it on. Cute item, just not what I needed. The last item is this scarf that I positively hated. The pattern totally felt old lady going to the country club. Boo.

So yeah, this box of items didn’t work out for me. Overall I felt a bit disapppointed that the items felt very fall/wintery to me in their colors when all the stores have turned to pastels and brights for the spring, as well as the items not really fitting my style as much as I’d like it to. I tend to lean more bohemian and graphic designer fun (think bunny-print blouses, geometric patterns and funky color combos).

Will I use Stitch Fix again? Totally. In fact, I’m super excited to give it another shot. I think that next time I’ll be a lot more specific and give some more tips as to what fits my body well. It took me years to figure out how to dress this busty top — I can’t really expect a stranger to figure it out in one shot.

If you want to try Stitch Fix for yourself, just click on this link:

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