Better After: My Garage Sale Find

A few weeks ago we were heading out the door to go somewhere and noticed our neighbor was having a garage sale. Seeing as we’ve been on a quest to find new lamps for our bedroom for oh…. 3 years now….we figured that we should head across the street to see what kind of bargains we could find. Little did we know that our neighbor (an older lady who had sadly passed away) had been a Hollywood model back in the day and had traveled all over the world. She had some great fashion finds — sadly, nothing in my size — but then I saw it. A sad looking metal owl that looks like a type of lantern. He was discolored and had some paint drop on him, but for a meer $2 he became mine.


Isn’t he cute?

All this little guy really needed was a paint makeover, and my husband (self-proclaimed king of spraypaint) was eager to help. I finally decided to keep things simple and go with a basic winter white. The paint didn’t really want to stick for some reason, so the color isn’t perfect, but it’s a major improvement just the same thanks to the hubby. I think he looks down right dapper.


I haven’t quite figured out where to put him, so for now he’s hanging out next to my succulents outside. I’m thinking about finding a candle to put in him to make a great lantern out of him. Hopefully this winter weather (yes, even in San Diego) will pass soon and we can start enjoying our evenings outdoors again with a little bbq and the glow of my $2 owl friend.

In other fun news….

• This week we booked a spring vacation slash anniversary trip. We had been talking about visiting Washington DC or the Grand Canyon, but after working my lil tail off for the past 4 months or so, all I really want is to lay by a pool or a beach with a drink in hand so we’re heading to the Caribbean for a week long cruise. This also gives me the incentive I needed to shed a few pounds and find my way back to the gym.

• And today I’m really excited to be getting my first Stitch Fix box! Stitch Fix is basically like having a personal stylist all to yourself. After filling out an online questionare and describing your personal style wants and needs, Stitch Fix will send you a “fix” — a box full of clothing items and accessories taylored just to you! You keep what you want and send back what you don’t. Sounds awesome, right? I can totally use a wardrobe makeover. My first delivery should arrive today and I’ll tell you guys all about what I got next week. Find out more here:


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