Livin’ It Up At The Hotel Del


My friend Katie and I had a girl’s weekend in Coronado not too long ago. We had been talking about doing a lil overnight for a while…maybe heading to Palm Springs or north to Orange county just to get away and relax for a weekend. Then she was generously gifted with a one night stay at the legendary Hotel Del Coronado and had invited me to come along for the fun. YES please! Champagne packed in our bags, we headed down to one of my all-time favorite San Diego neighborhoods for a weekend of pampering, eating and playing.

Going to Coronado is like entering vacation-land. All the bungalow style houses are picture perfect, the lawns impeccable, everyone riding around on bicycles and eating ice cream cones. We often go down to the island in the summer to bike around and enjoy concerts in the park, to take in fireworks and the play on the wide beach. And we always go to the Hotel Del to walk around, so getting to actually stay at this iconic hotel was SUCH a treat. We had such a fun time and I felt so relaxed at the end of it. What a great way to spend the weekend!

Just check out our room! It was perfectly decorated and ulta-cozy.


Our first stop was lunch at Burger Lounge — my favorite. I didn’t eat this all by myself, I promise, but I was giddy when it was put in front of me. Yum.


After lunch it was off to get pedis. We ended up at Be Polished which is this adorable shabb-chic nail lounge where we were pampered and polished while sipping wine and hot tea. It was a bit more expensive than I usually am willing to dish out for a pedi but it was such a treat. I can’t recommend that place enough! Just check out our pretty toes:


Gotta love the elevator operator:


Heading to the hot tub for more relaxing:


Trying out some red lipstick for dinner out on the town. Cause that’s what you do on girl’s weekends, right?


photo2(Side note: Isn’t Katie just gorgeous?! Gah! And she’s still single fellas… don’t miss out on this catch!)


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