Artist Inspiration: Anna Emilia

Happy Thanksgiving week! I have a LOT to be thankful for this year: a cute new rental home, my sweet hubby, a job that I love, dear friends and so much more! I’m also super thankful for a long weekend to relax and spend time with J who is finally home for a while after a couple of long trips away.

Today is the first artist inspiration post I’ve done in a while. The first time I saw an Anna Emilia piece of art was on Pinterest. I was automatically drawn to the delicacy of the piece and saved it as inspiration for my own work. Last week I was lucky enough to find her website where I could oooohh and ahhhh over everything she’s done.

Anna Emilia is a young Finnish artist who creates beautiful, light, wintry illustrations with watercolors. A lot of her work has a repetitive nature to it, which gives everything a delicate, wistful pattern of sorts. She says that her paintings are influenced by the weather and scenery of where she lives, and I can totally see that in the blues, grays and greens along with the changing of seasons in her artwork.  Now that I’ve seen her full portfolio I’ve decided that I want need several of her pieces for stationary and our walls. Just lovely.

I want these amazing cards from her shop!
All works are ©2007-2012 Anna Emilia.

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