Happy Halloween!

I’m in shock this it’s already Halloween mostly because that means that tomorrow will be NOVEMBER! How did that happen? I’ve barely even had a chance to wear my new fall sweaters yet, and boots… no way. Last time I wore my boots my legs were sweating like Richard Simmons in spandex. It wasn’t pleasant. I’m pretty bummed that it’s still 80 degrees here in San Diego with no promise of cool weather anywhere in our future. Despite the warm weather, I’ve been determined to enjoy fallish things like chili, cups of tea and tonight’s activity of choice – s’mores by the fire.

All that said, today is Halloween which means that we’ll have adorable little ones knocking on our door asking for treats. I’m super excited to finally live in a neighborhood full of families! I probably won’t be wearing a full costume myself, other than maybe my Indian headress, but I can’t wait to see what cuteness shows up at my door tonight. This morning I took a few minutes and was remembering some of my costumes from Halloweens past.

Clockwise, starting at the top left corner:

1. Keeping it cheap and simple and posed with Beaker (from the movie, Juno) I was a cop in 2008. Handcuffing friends to each other is fun.

2. Superheros unite! I was Wonder Woman and Amy came as Bat Girl. This is my go-to costume. 2007 maybe?

3. My buddy Max, sporting my Indian headress I picked up in Oklahoma a few years ago.

4. Pocahontas, back in 2009

Is anyone wearing a fun costume today at work? Or have cute costumes ready for their kiddos tonight?


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