Winter Lentil Soup

Not too long ago I had never had a lentil before. I didn’t even really know what a lentil was other than something I avoided growing up. Then I did a cleanse and lentils were on my list of approved foods, so I gave them a try. Correction… I gave this recipe a try and I was sold. Warm, hearty, delicious, J and I instantly agreed that this recipe was winter soup-rotation worthy. Then I started whipping up lentils to go along side chicken dishes and topped with sauteed veggies, but this soup always remains my lentil favorite. It’s super easy to make, is full of healthy veggies, and tastes great. I recommend it on a cold day with a side of crusty bread, a fire in the fireplace and a strong man massaging your tired feet. A girl can dream, right?

A couple of recipe notes — this recipe is based on the one in the Standard Process cleanse recipe book. I took their kinda bland recipe and spiced it up a bit. This is still a great cleanse — or any day of the week — recipe! You can also add in any veggies you love. This recipe is also great with diced sweet potatoes, mushrooms, spinach or kale thrown in. The recipe serves 4. You can double it to serve more or store half in the freezer to save for later if you don’t like leftovers as much as I do.

Also, sorry for the lack of pictures. I have one but my phone refused to give it to me so we are now in a fight. This one is borrowed from who has a similar recipe.


1/2 onion, chopped
1 T grape seed or olive oil (grape seed is better at hot temps)
1 stalk of celery, sliced into small pieces
2 carrots, diced
2 cloves of garlic
1 tsp dried oregano
1 bay leaf
1 tsp dried basil
1 T (or more) cumin
1 tsp salt
1 tsp ground black pepper
16 oz crushed tomatoes
1 C dried red lentils
3 C vegetable broth
1 C water

To Make:
In a large pot, heat over medium high heat, then add in your grape seed oil and onions. Cook for a couple of minutes. Add in your carrots, celery and garlic, sauteing for 3-5 minutes until the carrots soften a bit but aren’t fully soft. No one likes a mushy carrot. Now, just add the rest of the ingredients to the pot — water, vegetable broth, dry lentils, crushed tomatoes and all the seasonings. Let simmer for at least 45 minutes over low heat. The soup will thicken quite a bit. If you like your soup less thick, just add some water. Taste to see if it needs additional seasoning (sometimes I double the cumin and oregano) and season appropriately.

Served with warm crusty bread.


8 thoughts on “Winter Lentil Soup

    1. Never a dumb question. 🙂 The lentils are dry. I usually buy red lentils from a bulk bin, but any dry lentils will do. Add them after the veggies are sauteed and you’ve added broth (so that they can boil to soften). Does that help?

      1. Yes, it does help. I am on day 1, so have another question. I read somewhere that 50% of the veggies you eat should be raw during the 21 days. True? Most of what you wrote about above had a cooked veggie component. Thanks.

      2. I’m definitely no expert here. I think that eating raw is always preferred as you get more nutrients from the veggies when that aren’t cooked, but sometimes I find it easier to eat meals where the veggies are sauteed, steamed or roasted. Remember, all your smoothie ingredients are raw (I always add kale or spinach to my smoothies) and things like red peppers, carrots and celery are a good snack dipped in guac (all raw still). I did salads quite a bit, but they can get old to me, so I’d rather eat a cooked veggie than cheat on the cleanse.

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