Win A Present For Your Sponsor Child! (and other random things)

It’s still blog month at Compassion, and this time I have a fun little competition to tell you about.

A lot of you might already sponsor a child or two or more with Compassion. How awesome would it be if you could win a gift for your sponsor child? Even better, how great to win a gift for their whole family?! Awesome, right? Well, right now Compassion is doing a pinterest contest. All you need to do is go to this link ( and follow their directions. At the end of the week, everyone who has entered the pinterest contest will be entered to win a gift for your sponsored child or their family. For everyone who repins your pin on pinterest, you get another entry for your child. Even better, if you sponsor a child this week, you’ll earn 30 extra contest entries. You’d be a pretty cool sponsor if not only did your child learn that they finally had a sponsor, but they also (if you won) got a gift. Whoo hoo!

Don’t have a sponsor child or just don’t feel like entering? Then perhaps you could help me out and repin my pin instead (note: you have to have a pinterest account to do this). Just click here and repin it! Mucho thank yous.

Some other things:

– I recently checked out the Joy The Baker cookbook from the library and have been drooling over all the recipes. The other night we made a quiche which was so delish. Recipe coming soon. Hopefully I can try a few more recipes before returning the book to the library.

– I desperately need to update my wardrobe from blah to cool. On the list for fall: gray booties, colored skinny jeans or cords (red or mint green), a chambray top like this one and anything else that might be make me look more fashionable and modern. Suggestions and shopping buddies welcome.

– Today I start gearing up for a 150 mile bike ride that my hubby and friend Lyndsay talked me into. We’ll be biking from San Luis Obispo to Oxnard, which is just north of LA. I have about 3 weeks to train and, I’ll admit, I’m a bit terrified. For they next few weeks I’ll be sporting padded pants, a determined look in my eyes and will be trying not to get hit by a car.

– I’m obsessed with these limited edition Andy Warhol soup cans that Campbell’s just released. I think these would look lovely lining the top of my oven. You can find these cans at Target from now until they run out.


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