Before & After: Patio Table

First things first… this is Compassion blogging week. It would make me really happy if you’d read about the boys I sponsor here. Moving on.

I don’t know why I always pick the hottest days of the year to work on our patio, but so far that seems to be my trend. This weekend the temperature in San Diego was a balmy 100. Ouch. But the weeds were threatening to take over my garden so I felt the urgent need to get out there and show some weeds who’s boss. And don’t get me started on the hornworms that ate all the leaves off of my jalepeno plant, leaving behind a skinny stick of a plant with a few lonely peppers dangling. Apparently hornworms don’t like spicey peppers but prefer meals of the salad variety.

I’ll be showing off my garden soon — it’s a pretty lovely before and after story — but today I want to focus on a little table project I worked on after my weeding on Sunday.

I’ve had this little outdoor table for some years now and it was just fine, just recently I noticed that it was looking rather sad. The paint was fading, and it was just looking plain worn.

The answer? Spray paint, of course! J has a slight addiction to spray paint, painting old surfboards for our walls, bikes for himself and just about anything else that needs a new color, but this was my first project with spray paint. I just LOVE how it turned out! My old table is now bright and happy. I just love it!


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