My Little Men

J and I just returned from an epic vacation in Yosemite National Park. If you’ve never been there, I highly recommend adding it to your bucket list. In my opinion, it is the most beautiful place in the US. We biked, hiked, played in rivers and waterfalls, ate smores, laughed and just relaxed. I honestly have never had such a fun AND relaxing camping trip before. I can’t wait to share the photos J took. Those should be coming soon.

I wanted to show off some pictures of my boys today…my Compassion sponsor children, that is. I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to show photos of them on my blog, but I can! These are just the photos Compassion sends me every year. I haven’t met either boy in person… yet. Let’s start with Ndayishimiye Emmanual, or “Manny” as I call him:

This is a picture from last year and this year. Look at how much he grew! He went from being a boy to a young man overnight! So crazy! Manny lives in Rwanda and I’ve been sponsoring him and writing letters to him for the past 10 years. He’s a good young man who’s grown up a lot over the years.

And then there is our newest addition, Alfredo Antonio Zelada. He’s an 8 year old who loves art and cars and wants to be a soldier when he gets older:

Doesn’t that little smirk just kill you? J loves it. We’ve only been sponsoring “Fred” as we nicknamed him for a month so we haven’t all gotten to know each other very well yet. This week we got our first letter from Fred which was just as cute as can be and told us a bit more about him.

Sponsoring these boys has been so rewarding. Not only do we know that our money is going to someone we can see, but as we get to know each boy and watch them grow, we can see their lives changing — and their family’s lives as well. Ever feel at a loss as to HOW to make a difference? This is such an easy way. By sponsoring a child through Compassion, you are giving them:

  • nutritious snacks or meals
  • educational opportunities
  • health and hygiene training
  • medical checkups
  • the caring embrace of a local church
  • the message of God’s love

If you already sponsor a child through Compassion, can I encourage you to take some time right now to pray for your child, that God will protect them and that they will come to know Jesus. Take some time to write your child as well. I’ve heard so many stories about how exciting it is for these kids to get a letter from their sponsors…. and how devastating it is for other kids to never get a letter from their sponsors. They want to get to know you! Compassion has made it so easy — you can even write a letter and add photos online!

Learn more about sponsoring a child at You’ll just fall in love with all the sweet faces!


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