Lessons in Thankfulness

I’m currently reading One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. Have you read it? I had been looking for something new to read, and this book just kept popping up on everyone’s list, and now I know why. Ann recounts her journey from a life of feeling overwhelmed, stressed and fearful to a life filled with gratitude after a friend dared her to make a list of 1000 things she is thankful for. With beautiful prose and lessons learned from her home on a farm, she shows us how a life filled with thanksgiving is a life changed. It changes how you see your day, how you view God, how you can find joy.

So here I am, a couple chapters into the book and I already feel that tug. You know it… the inner urge tug that this, THIS is something your heart yearns for, needs in order to grow. I picked up an empty journal that has been lingered beside my bed, wondering what to fill it with and started making a list.

1000 gifts.

1000 reasons to be thankful.

1000 tiny prayers of gratitude to God.

Thanksgiving always proceeds a miracle.

I have no doubt this journey will transform me, open my eyes, change how I see everything. And what about that miracle? Well, I believe in that, too. As to what kind of miracle? The kind that makes the lame walk or that changes the inner workings of my heart and mind? I’ll keep you posted. Let the journey towards thankfulness begin!

Some things I’m thankful for today.

* bright pink flowers in my garden

* signs of new life and growth (this is going to be a yellow bell pepper!)

* time to draw what I want to



3 thoughts on “Lessons in Thankfulness

  1. Lex, this is exactly what I needed to read today. Instead of wallowing in pity or hopelessness, I need to remain thankful. My friend says thankfulness is a weapon and once you wield it in the face of adversity, the enemy has nothing to use against you. I think I’ll check out this book and read it ASAP. Love your words and heart. Thanks for sharing both.

    1. Totally agree. This book impacted me right away. I’m a planner so it’s easy for me to look into the future and get discouraged. I’m working on being thankful for all the little things so that I can be not just content but GRATEFUL for the millions of blessings God gives me. Amazing book.

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