My Warby Parkers

It’s FRIDAY! Whoo hoo! I couldn’t be more excited for the end of the week and a couple days off from work. The weekend always rejuvenates me. This has been such a fun week of showing off my new blog design. I hope you’ve liked it! In case you missed it, here’s what we talked about this week. A lil recap:

MONDAY I gave you a photo tour of our humble home
TUESDAY I shared a great recipe for blueberry coffee cake. Yum.
WEDNESAY you got to see the incredible artwork of my friend Emily. She’s uber talented, folks.
THURSDAY was a follow up on the Standard Process Cleanse I did a while back.

and TODAY I’m showing off my new specs!

But first… don’t forget that today is that last day to enter to win one of my Shared Joy is Double Joy screen printed posters. You can see what they look like here.

Back to matters at hand…

I’m so excited about this company Warby Parker. Have you heard about them yet? They are causing a stir in the glasses world. At first glance they just seem like on online (although they also have several stores) place to buy new specs, but they are SO much more. A little background.

Warby Parker was founded by a couple of folks who were fed up by the cost of glasses. Why the heck did it cost so much to buy glasses? If you spring for designer frames it could cost you over $300 for the frames alone…and you haven’t put the lens in yet (you know, the part of the glasses that actually helps you to see better). These guys did some research and learned that all glasses frames are pretty much made in the same factories for cheap, but then became expensive when companies would put their logo on them. So what did they do? They cut out the middle man and started selling the frames themselves at a great price. Not only that, but they decide to give away a pair of glasses to someone in need for each pair they sold. Kinda awesome, right? It gets better.

Let’s start with the price. $95 for cool, stylish, quality frames including lens — the thin, anti-glare, scratch resistant lenses. Already amazing. Then let’s talk about how you try them on. They do have a couple of stores, but only a few. For the rest of us they offer a try-at-home program where you choose up to 5 pairs of glasses to try on at home for 5 days. For free. No shipping costs. No catch. I didn’t love the first 5 pairs of frames that I tried on so I sent them back — for free — and they sent me 5 more pairs — still for free. They told me I could keep doing this as long as it I needed to find a pair I loved. Brilliant! I could spend a few days trying on each lens, getting the opinions of my hubby and friends and waiting for a good hair day to kick in.

Then I pick the lens that I liked and sent in my prescription and a few days later, my glasses showed up at my front door. I was SO excited! I ran to the bathroom, took out my contacts and tried them on. They were… awful. I mean, they LOOKED awesome, but the prescription was wacky. I felt like I was in a fun house; just walking around made me sick to my stomach. And there was no way I could drive with these glasses on! I called WB and told them the problem. They asked a couple of questions and suggested that I return to my optometrist for help, which I did. Although my prescription hadn’t changed, my doctor had put a corrective spin on my lens for my astigmatism that I just couldn’t handle. She wrote me another prescription, this time my old prescription, and hoped it would help.

So here I was with a pretty new pair of glasses that I couldn’t wear. What now? I called WP and told them the issue and they said no problem! They sent me a UPS label to mail back my old glasses and had new glasses (with the new prescription) in the mail a few days later. Again… all for free with NO hassle.

I am so impressed with this company so I had to share. Now I have a lovely new pair of glasses that I just love!


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