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First of all, welcome to my new site! If you didn’t read Friday’s post, I felt like it was time for a design makeover over here at Viva Good. I hope you like it. To celebrate this new look, I’ll be posting all kinds of fun things this week so keep checking back. I ALSO am giving away one of my screen printed posters to one lucky reader. Wanna win? Read here to find out what you need to do to be in the running.

Ok… back to today’s post. Everyone loves a home tour, right? I wanted to show off our new place for all of my friends and family members who live far away. I’ve already posted about our kitchen before and after — it’s amazing what a little paint can do. You can see what I’m talking about right here.

This weekend I spent some time tidying our quaint lil casa (and hiding junk in corners and closets) so that I could take some photos to share. Our place is a rental so while there are many things we’d usually do to spiffy it up (read: paint pretty much all of the rooms, update the bathrooms and change out light fixtures) we just don’t want to put that much money and energy into a temporary place. Despite the fact that our place is a rental, we are SO thankful for it. Finding a quality place to rent for a decent price by the beach in San Diego can be a challenge. Finding a place with a garage and washer/dryer hookups proved to be almost impossible. Our last living situation was a nightmare at times (crazy, druggy neighbor who listened to too-loud music about 20 hours a day. ugh!) so this home feels like the haven we desperately needed. Our neighbors are wonderful and friendly, we are surrounded by big trees and walking paths, and we can see the sunset over the ocean from the end of our street. It’s just so perfect for us right now.

We’ll tour the inside of our casita today; hopefully sometime soon I’ll take some pictures of our patio and garden. That area was a mess when we moved in and deserves it’s own before and after post.

Starting at the front door:

Our entry way into the living room. I love the carved front door and the fact that we can keep the front door open all day long to let the breeze in (a benefit of living in San Diego). This piece of furniture is one of my favorites from the Nashville flea market. My friends and I discovered this vendor and all of us bought furniture from him. My piece is filled with treasures from around the world. The cameras are part of our ever-growing vintage camera collection and the prints are Hatch Show Prints from concerts at Nashville’s Ryman auditorium. Love it.

More of the front door and our camera collection.

Our cozy living room. I can’t wait to use our fireplace next winter! The surf board on the wall was an old board J found thrown away at our old apartment. He fixed it up and painted it. It’s not ocean-ready unless you want to sink, but it makes a great statement piece.

The office, directly behind the living room. We think it was meant to be a formal dining room. I think it’s pretty obvious who is on which side.

Yep, we work side-by-side from home. Every. Day. And love it.

Such a sunny kitchen. I just wish it had more counter space. Still– 10 times better than my last kitchen.

The guest room still needs some work. I’d love to paint the walls and get a headboard for the bed. The painted surfboard (another refinishing project) helps spruce the space up a bit. Hopefully this won’t always just be a guest room. I have other plans for it in the future.

Another room needing a headboard. We’ll get around to it eventually. For now I’m on the hunt for matching lamps. And someday…maybe…we’ll paint it the gray that we’d like for the walls to be. Off to the side of our room is a nice, private patio. Nothing worth showing yet, but maybe someday I’ll add some plants and perhaps an outdoor shower for my surfer boy.


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