Our Patagonia Adventure: Santiago Day 2

Hopefully you enjoyed reading about our first day in Santiago. I’ll keep this post short and to the point.

Our second day in Santiago was mucho better than the first, thanks to hot showers and a good night of sleep. We had signed up for a bike tour of the city, which really is one of my favorite ways to tour a city. I had heard about a tour company in Santiago called La Bicicleta Verde (the green bicycle) on House Hunters (totally random, I know) and was determined to see part of the city on a bike tour with them.

It was probably our favorite part of being in Santiago, riding along with a guide, checking out the sites. It also was a good idea considered Santiago was HOT! Nothing like the breeze blowing through your hair as you bike to cool you down! Our guide took us through Bellavista, the cool neighborhood where we had dined on non-Chilean sushi the night before, through the two major markets and then over to the Plaza Del Armas, Santiago’s main square.We stopped for snacks at the market where Jason tried mote con huesillos, a famous Chilean drink that had weird things like wheat kernels and a dried out peach in it. It looked gross but actually was pretty delish!

The bonus — our feet didn’t even ache at the end of the day! We treated ourselves to some pre-lunch ice cream at Santiago’s most famous ice cream shop, ate our first empanadas of the trip, walked around a bit more before heading back to our hotel for an afternoon nap.

All in all, Santiago didn’t wow us which disappointed me since NY Times had called Santiago the must-see city of 2012. I loved how you could see the Andes mountains all around the city… when the city wasn’t swimming in smog. We found some of the neighborhoods quite charming, especially the neighborhood in the financial district that we wandered through on the last night (but can’t remember the name of), loved the little fortress and park on a hills we wandered through that afternoon and ate pretty good food here, although not nearly as good as we would eat in Argentina. If I could do it again, I would take that $2000 per person flight voucher and just spent one day in Santiago instead of two.

Best things to do in Santiago: bike tour of the city, Museum of Modern Arts (not amazing but it’s FREE!), Santa Lucia Hill, ride the funicular to see the view of all the city

We ate: amazing ice cream at Emporio La Rosa, dinner at Domino which is famous for it’s Chilean sandwiches and hot dogs (warning… the menus are only in Spanish. we just picked something and hoped it was good! Thankfully what we got were 2 grilled chicken sandwiches covered in guacamole).


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