Grilled Pizzas

Yesterday I showed off pictures of our pretty kitchen. I bragged about painting the cream fridge white, even though as an artist I was slightly embarrassed to admit that I didn’t realize the fridge was cream when we bought it. Ooops. But I also failed to mention that our new home did not have a working oven for the first week we lived there. That includes the stovetop. No scrambled eggs for breakfast or Saturday cinnamon rolls or roasted chickens with sauted veggies. We even had friends over for Easter and I asked them to only bring food that could be heated on the grill. I also asked them to bring their own chairs… let’s be honest, we were really only offering a patio and our company. A little ghetto, I know. Anyways, back to the stove, or lack thereof.

Without a stove for cooking you have to get pretty recourceful when dinner time rolls around. We were basically limited to things that could be grilled or cooked in the crock pot. And since I couldn’t seem to plan anything far enough in advance for slow cooking… all that we had left was the grill.

It wasn’t too bad. We started strong with fajita night…got a little lazy with some basic grilled chicken and salad nights…but then last night we got fancy and tried out some pizzas on the grill. My friends Shelby and Stone gave us a little tutorial first — they grill pizzas every week and are thereby experts–and it worked! You guys, it was so delish and easy!

Here’s what you do… head to the store and grab all the fixins for your pizza, including fresh pizza dough. I headed to Trader Joe’s since I already knew that they had pizza dough handy. You’ll also need pizza sauce, cheese and whatever you wanna top your pies with. Take the dough out of it’s bag and let it sit for about 20 minutes at room temp before you try to bake it so that it can warm and rise a bit. This is a good time to heat up the grill so that it’s hot when your dough is ready. Then, with a touch of flour and some oil-greased hands (the secret to getting the dough from bouncing back when you try to stretch it), rolls your dough or stretch it with your hands. Don’t worry about having a perfect circle — weird shapes doesn’t affect the taste. Sprinkle a little cornmeal onto the bottom of your flattened dough (it helps keep it from sticking to the grill) and plop it down on your hot grill, cornmeal side down. Give it a few minutes to cook and once it’s golden, take it off the grill.

The cooked side is now the top of your pie. Top this side (the grilled side) with pizza sauce, cheese and whatever else, and put it BACK on the hot grill for a few minutes until the bottom is golden and the cheese is melted and bubbly. YUM! So quick and easy!

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