Our Kitchen Before & After

I’m so proud and excited to show you our new kitchen! This has been a labor of love, especially since this place is just a rental. When we first got the keys to our home, the first thing I wanted to do was paint the kitchen walls (I was SO over cream walls after our last place), while J was eying the ugly brown cabinets. Thankfully, our landlords agreed that white cabinets would look better so they give us the ok to paint them.

I don’t know that our timing for painting the cabinets was the best… packing and moving doesn’t leave much room for painting cabinets doors…but somehow we pulled it off and have such a pretty and bright kitchen now! It’s SUCH a big change and looks so much better!

I’d also like to point out our shiny white fridge which was a project in itself. We purchased the fridge for just $100 on Craigslist, only to discover when we got it home that it was CREAM not white! Oops! Thankfully my friends watch HGTV as much as I do and knew that you could paint most appliances. Who knew? And just like that… we have a bright white fridge!

Here’s a before shot of our kitchen:

and the after…


7 thoughts on “Our Kitchen Before & After

  1. Looks awesome, I love the effectiveness of a new paint job. Bang for buck you can’t get more. Love it!

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