Homecoming: Our New Place

Here she is! Our new place. No, it’s not really pretty on the outside, it doesn’t have curb appeal and it definitely needs some weeds pulled and flowers planted, but we love it.

(Sidenote: all these photos are taken with my shiny new white iPhone. I think I’m in love! Annnnnd I might be photo crazy from now on)

This was such a welcomed move. Our last place wasn’t bad. In fact, the location was awesome; we were a couple of blocks from the beach and within walking distance to coffee shops, restaurants and my favorite tiny organic market. But we were worn out from apartment living and noisy neighbors, so it was time to move on.

Our new place is amazing to us. We finally have a office that isn’t in our guest bedroom, a fireplace for cozy winter nights, we can wash clothes without scrounging for quarters and we have a giant patio that will be perfect for summer bbqs. On top of that, when walking the new ‘hood the other night (the whole neighborhood is connected by walking paths and greenways) we discovered shuffleboard and horseshoe game areas over by the pool. Hellooooo friendly competition! AND we can watch the sunset over the ocean from the end of our street. Not too shabby!

Check out this giant patio:

I’m already getting excited about planting some flowers and veggies in the two planter areas (the other one that you can’t see is really large — like 6ft x 5ft). I don’t have a green thumb at ALL, but I’m feeling optimistic that I can grow something other than weeds back here.

The best part of being in a new home, though, is this renewed desire I have to turn off the tv and use my time wisely. When I’m not unpacking and putting things away, I’ve been finding more time to read my Bible, to read books that challenge me and to work on little projects for our home. It’s amazing how a new location can have such a profound influence on me.

I’ll be posting more photos when we get our newly painted kitchen cabinets back together and all our pictures hung.


3 thoughts on “Homecoming: Our New Place

  1. I just love it!!! I especially ❤ your big patio. I think location does absolutely have a profound influence… I can't wait to be in a house again.

  2. It’s charming! I have loved turning our little hut into a home. A couple little things I love about a little house is that there are so many ways to use lots of color that you can’t in a big place. Also, it keeps us from accumulating more than we need. It keeps in my heart the verse that says “Give me neither poverty nor riches, only my daily bread. Otherwise I may have to much and disown you and say, ‘Who is the Lord?.’ Or I may become poor and steal and dishonor the name of my God.”

    1. I agree! I definitely prefer smaller, cozy spaces to grand rooms. “Stuff” will always be a temptation, but it helps when you have no room to put it anywhere. 🙂

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