Cabo, Monopoly and Friends

Happy New Year! J and I started the new year the right way with a mini trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, with some dear friends. I had spent the entire week between Christmas and New Years working away so that I could spend the first week of January with my computer turned off (mostly) and just enjoy a few days of relaxation. It was bliss.

Our friends, who we’ll call J & L, were so kind to invite us along to their Mexican oasis for the week. The resort was probably the nicest place I’ve ever been to (and probably ever will experience) with multiple infinity pools, private cabanas on the beach and impeccable service. We stayed in a gorgeous 3 bedroom villa with doors that open completely to a HUGE patio with a private hot tub. Amazing, right? No wonder celebrities like to go there (sadly, we didn’t see any familiar faces but we’ve heard about Leonardo DeCaprio, Jenn Anniston and Courtney Cox sightings). We were loving it! Our days were spent lounging by the pool and played endless rounds of Monopoly Deal which is such an addictive game. It takes the best parts of the old Monopoly game but makes it SO much faster and ruthless. We should have kept track of how many games we played but I would guess it was somewhere around 10 games a day… it’s that fun.

Now it’s back to work which isn’t all that bad after a few days of sun-kissed relaxation.

our home for the week... on the second floor overlooking the ocean.poolside. They come around this pool and offer foot massages at certain times of the day

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