Patagonia Dreaming

For the past two years that’s what Patagonia has been for me and J: a dream. When listing the places in the world we wanted to explore, somehow over the past couple of years this region of the world rose to the top. It has everything we look for in a place to explore – dynamic cities with beautiful architecture and cafes lining the streets, breathtakingly beautiful vistas to photograph, rich cultures different from our own and a world of treasures that can only be discovered with your two feet.

And now we get to go there.

Yep, after years of dreaming, hoping, saving and a week of wrestling with online travel sites to book our tickets (SUCH a nightmare), we are going to South America! Next spring we will spend two weeks first in Santiago (Chile’s vibrant capital), then to Patagonia where we will attempt the famous W trek in Torres Del Paine National Park and watch walls of ice fall off the amazing Porito Moreno Glacier, then up to the Paris of South America– Buenos Aires– to enjoy this world-renowned city. I honestly can’t believe that we are going!

Now it’s time to get my legs in gear! I’m back to my old Kilimanjaro training regiment — lots of spin class and stair climbing to tackle days of hiking — and so that I can eat all the dulche de leche while I’m there without feeling guilty. 🙂

Have you been to Patagonia, Santiago or Buenos Aires? We’d love your tips — places to stay, eat or see.


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