Life in Encinitas

Every so often (usually when the hubby is out of town and I’m bored) I pick up a camera and take a walk. Before I was married I was really into photography. I had my own camera and lenses, I’d go on trips and take thousands of photos and spend hours in photosjop making them just perfect.

Then I married a photographer and let him handle the picture taking. After all, he is the professional. The only problem with that…well, I still love taking pictures. J and I won’t always see things the same way, especially through the lens of a camera, and things are still new to my eyes out here in Cali. I still think dessert plants are beautiful and get giddy when the tide is super low. I’m enamored by surf culture and low to catch moments of dads teaching their tiny kids how to surf. I can’t get enough of watching the sunset over the ocean and think that being able to see both the snow-covered mountains and the sea at the same time is just mind-blowing.

So are few weeks ago while J was out of town, I grabbed the camera and one of the few lenses he left behind (he was away on a bunch of photo shoot assignments…not too many lenses left behind) and took a walk on the beach. The day was kind of strange feeling. Looking south, the sky was brooding and gray, but then you’d turn around and see blue skies to the north. I was hoping it would be low tide and I could wander the tide pools that you can only see in the winter, but my timing was off. Oh well. I took a bunch of photos that day and here are a few of my favorites. I might have married a photographer but I’m gonna keep on taking photos.

By the way…on Friday I wrote about my new store on Etsy. If you haven’t check it out yet, what are you waiting for?! Just click here.


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