Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love all that it encompasses — family, food and pausing to be thankful. I have SO much to be thankful for this year, one of the biggest being that Encinitas is finally really feeling like home with great friendships developing. This year will be EXTRA special as it is also J’s birthday (the person I am most thankful for). No one likes to have a birthday fall on a major holiday so we’ll be celebrating on Thursday AND Friday just to make sure he feels like he got a real birthday.

Sadly, I don’t get to cook anything at all this thanksgiving as we’ll be going to J’s aunt and uncle’s home and they have the cooking covered. But if they HAD asked me to prepare a dish, THIS would be my top pick. I didn’t even think I liked sweet potatoes on Thanksgiving until I had this recipe from my friend Katie, but this dish is a bit more sophisticated than the ones with marshmellows on top… and yet still super easy (the best of both worlds!). If you were looking for a sweet potato recipe, look no further.

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