Weekend Update and A DIY Fall Wreath

Hey friends! We had SUCH a great weekend out here in gorgeous Southern California. I finally had my husband back after his week of photo shoots in the Pacific Northwest and I was glad to have my buddy back. Being home alone just isn’t as much fun as it used to be. The weather here was pretty much perfect and the tides were low so were spent most of the weekend outside taking walks on the beach, riding bikes on the beach (one of my favorite things), eating tacos and watching the dolphins play. We actually saw three pods of dolphins within a couple of hours on Saturday, which made me giddy. There really is nothing like watching dolphins jump out of the ocean while you ride your bikes on the beach.

One of the weekend highlights was checking out this crazy taco shop near downtown San Diego called Lucha Libre Gourmet Taco Shop. I had passed the shop twice the weekend before and was intrigued by the long lines of people waiting for tacos, even late at night. The place did NOT disappoint!

The place has a whole Luchadore theme going on with hot pink walls and Mexican fighting masks all over the place. If you make reservations in advance you get to eat in their amazingly gaudy gold booth reserved for champions. Their tacos and burritos were so creative and delish. J tried their famous Surf and Turf burrito, which apparently has been featured on Man vs Food, while I chowed down on a Tap Me Out Taco which was pretty giant for a taco. I can’t wait to eat there again!

Last week I also was invited to a craft night by my friend Shelby (who has a super fun blog, by the way.) Here’s the thing: I am not crafty. I am creative and artistic, yes, but not crafty. I do did not own a glue gun or felt or anything of the sort. Just going to a Michaels crafting store makes my skin crawl; it always feels so messy and unorganized. But I was SO excited to be invited and was determined to find a craft that would be fun to do. Besides, I could use a little fall decor around here. I decided on a yarn wreath with felt flowers. I had seen a couple of versions of these online and they looked easy enough. You basically wrap yarn of your choice around a styrafoam wreath shape (I used a 16″ wreath since that was literally all Michaels had left). This part takes about 2 hours of brainless monotony. J was out of town anyways, so I did this part while watching TV one night. Wrapping wrapping wrapping yarn around the wreath.

I planned to make the flowers at Shelby’s craft night but ended up leaving early, so I made them at home instead. The flowers were super easy, too. You basically cut a coiled circle out of felt, roll it up and use a glue gun to hold it together. I should have take pictures for a step-by-step, but you can get a lil tutorial here. I kinda got creative (go figure) and tried to make the flowers look different by adding some outside petals and leaves. I am so proud of the end result! The whole project took about 3 hours from start to finish and cost about $15 (would be around $11 if I didn’t have to buy a glue gun). Perhaps I am crafty, after all.


2 thoughts on “Weekend Update and A DIY Fall Wreath

  1. We need to eat at that taco place next time I am out there. Yum! Also, great job on the wreath–really different and pretty!

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