Getting Muddy at the Del Mar Mud Run

This past weekend J and I participated in the Del Mar Mud Run and it was awesome. I had done one mud-oriented race a couple of years ago with my friend CB and had been dying to do another ever since. I don’t know what it is about crawling through mud  that is so enthralling to me except that I truly love getting really, really dirty. Mud in the ears kinda dirty. This race was just the answer.

I had finished that couch-to-5K training a while back and felt like this could be a good race to try out all that running. To be honest, I didn’t feel like I needed to participate in a 5K event to prove that I could run a 5k, but the hubby thought it was necessary. I only agreed because mud was involved.LOTS of mud. And a buddy. “Shared joy is double joy,” I always say.

Has anyone else done a mud run like this? There were around 20 obstacles, all muddy, and about every other one was literally a mud pit. That makes around 10 mud pits–the kind that you have to crawl under a cargo neck with mud up to your chin. After the third obstacle I knew I was in trouble because I was already exhausted and there was a growing sandbar in my shoe which made running extra unpleasant. I wasn’t even a mile into the race yet. Ugh. I did end up walking a few times but ran most of the race, dripping with mud and carrying a good extra couple of pounds in my shoes full of mud, but I was proud of myself for pushing through the tired (most of the time) and trying to jog it out.

This was such a fun race and we are already looking forward to doing another one. Most people wore funny costumes for the race so next time J and I might try to come up with something memorable. Like running the race in Snuggies. That won’t weigh us down at all, right?

Pre-race. All clean and ready to go.

getting our game faces on

post-race AND post-shower. Yeah, not the most effective shower.


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