Artist Inspiration: Tad Carpenter

One of the best and worst things about being a designer and illustrator is the ease with which we can see what other designers and illustrators are working on all the time. We can read blogs and see websites, find inspiration in design magazines or even just in your neighborhood Target stores. On one hand, it’s completing inspiring but on the other, it can cripple you with comparison.

On a good day I can look at another designers blog and walk away excited to dive into all my projects, but on a bad day, the kind of day where I’m not feeling inspired or don’t feel like I can crank out the type of illustration I want to, seeing someone else’s work can make me feel discouraged. I can dive into that “I wish I could do that” pit of dispair.

Comparison is an evil mistress.

Lately, however, I’ve been in a good place. After all, I’ve been blessed with an artistic gift which has led me to gain some amazing clients. Lately, seeing the work of talented designers like Tad Carpenter truly inspires me to create. If you haven’t heard of him or seen his work, you are missing out. In my creative option, this guy can do no wrong.

Tad is a talented illustrator and designer based out of Kansas City, and his work can be seen just about everywhere. I’m not exactly sure how I found Tad’s website, I only know that all of his illustration pieces have the ability to make me smile and make me want to be a better designer. He is truly talented. Check out his website and while you’re at it, check out his store as well. He has some sweet posters for sale. And Tad, thanks for encouraging me to get out my sketchbook and draw. I still might think, “If only my stuff looked like this guy’s” but at least now I’m taking out a pencil and letting it move me to create.

*all works shown here are ©Tad Carpenter


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