Another Year Older

Where does the time go? It’s hard to believe that this week is the first week of fall, that summer soon will be officially over and that my birthday came and went last week without me (officially) freaking out. It’s no secret that time waits for no one. Days come and go so quickly, and if I don’t pause I’ll miss it.

Last week I celebrated a birthday. It was one of the first birthdays that made me feel…well… old. I’m creeping into my mid-thirties (gulp) and hanging on with a tiger-like grip to the fact that I look younger than my age (or so people say). It wasn’t all bad though. J spoiled me all week with balloons, sunflowers, gifts and french toast. I got to celebrate fiesta-style with some friends, enjoy this amazing dinner with my in-laws and even spent a day wandering Disneyland with about a million other people (doesn’t anyone have to work or go to school on a weekday anymore?). It’s hard to pick a highlight of the week. I’m always full of joy when I’m surrounded by good friends, but I also cherish my special memories with Jason. I think both equally energize me. My love language is quality time and making memories is my favorite way to fill a day so Disneyland was a special treat.

I hadn’t been to the park since maybe jr high so I was excited to return and have a day of fun. We screamed like schoolgirls on the tower of terror (that ride TERRIFIES me! in the best way, that is), got drenched on the Grizzly river run, discovered that the Matterhorn wasn’t as scary as we remembered as kids (I used to cry on that ride…but I was like 4 so I suppose that is to be expected), waited in lots of lines, watched fireworks that amazed us and just enjoyed every minute of it. It was SUCH a great birthday week!

I hope to be trying out a few new recipes this week so keep an eye out for them!


One thought on “Another Year Older

  1. So thankful for the gift you are to your Dad and me. Also glad that your birthday was blessed with sweet memories. We miss seeing you! Looking forward to my trip in Oct.

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