Hipsters at the Wacky Labor Day Olympics

It’s so hard to go back to work after a long weekend, isn’t it? Add to that a touch of the stomach funk and it’s really hard to focus. I’m already planning my afternoon trip to the couch to watch the Ellen show and sip 7-up but first… I thought you guys would like a peek at our weekend festivities.

This weekend we got to take part in the Wacky Labor Day Olympics, a day of crazy feats of sheer strength skill stupidity. I had heard stories of such games, as my hubby has taken home the championship  in the past, but had never witnessed them myself until this year. There are really only two rules that apply to game day: 1. come dressed as an athlete and 2. the gamemakers can make up whatever rules they want as they go. In other words, there are no rules. We arrived fashionably late in our hipster paddleball champ costumes (because hipsters make being late very fashionable, of course) and quickly sized up the competition. There were about 20 other competitors all grazing the chip table. A great variety of costumes, lots of smack talk. This was gonna come down to the ability to look like a fool and move quickly while doing it. We were ready.

There were 8-9 events and the competitions were fierce. While I can’t reveal the guarded secrets of the coveted games, I can say that there were water balloon tosses and games involving potatoes and granny panties and panty hose and balloons. I felt a lot of pressure to do well after all, I am married to a past champ. In the end I lost the championship round in a game involving moving a cookie from my forehead to my mouth without my hands. They gave me a double-stuffed oreo and I wasn’t used to the extra weight. I watched the grand prize literally roll off my face.

It wasn’t all tragic. J, otherwise known as “Over It” ended up winning the top prize yet again while I, aka “Whatever” ironically came in 3rd with the added bonus of being married to the best look guy with a fake ‘stache in the room. What a lucky girl I am! It was such a fun day of laughter and silliness, perfect for a holiday weekend.

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