Happy Noon

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of art directing a photo shoot for the talented and oh-so-adorable Natalie Creel. It was such a fun day and I was glad to have such an amazing team working with me to pull it all off. We shot all over Encinitas and Solana Beach that day but perhaps my favorite location was a small boutique called Noon in Solana Beach. I had stumbled across it when I was trying to find an interior space to shoot in and wanted to see what had gone into the space where my hair stylist used to be. Noon is what happened! This adorable store was not only a perfect for our shoot, but is FULL of beautiful letter-pressed stationary and hand-made jewelry.

Our photography, the also talented Paige Reaux, captured some shots of this cute store.

The staff of Noon was so generous to not only let us shoot in their amazing store but also let us move around their furniture to get the perfect shot. Of course, we all couldn’t leave without buying some jewelry first! If you are in San Diego, check out their stores in Solana Beach and Ocean Beach.

And of course, look at the beautiful Natalie looking amazing on the blue couch (which I think I heard was from Urban Outfitters). Her debut album will be coming out this fall.


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