A Lil Info About Me… And My Obsession With Traveling

My friend, Anna, did this questionnaire this week. I liked it and thought it was a good idea, especially since I have travel on the brain just about every day of the week.

Hometown: Nashville, TN

Currently Live In: Encinitas, CA (North County San Diego)

Occupation: Graphic Designer, Illustrator

Favorite destinations: Santorini, Greece; Florence, Italy (and anywhere else in Italy); Saltzburg, Austria; Roatan, Honduras; anywhere tropical or with epic mountains

Dying to visit: Patagonia! I’d also like to take a trip back to New Zealand and Thailand to revisit where I lived as a kid

Continents you’ve already visited: N and S America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa

Bizarre travel rituals: I’m a list-junkie. I make more than one list when packing to travel so that I don’t forget anything. I also usually make a new playlist for my ipod for each trip.

In-flight relaxation regime: Shoes off, hoodie on, brainless magazine in front of me

Always in carry-on: warm socks, those wrist-bands that prevent motion sickness, ipod and lots of magazines.

Concierge or DIY? DIY

See it all or take it easy? A combination of the two…but I hate to miss things so I tend to stay on the move.

Drive or be driven? Drive. Unless there is a train in which case I like to ride.

Travel hero: My friend Katie and Jerry, who currently live in Scotland with their two children under the age of 2. The travel everywhere with their kids and make it look so easy!

Weirdest thing seen in travels: I lived in Thailand as a kid (so this barely counts as travels) and I used to LOVE seeing elephants wander the streets… in the middle of all the traffic. So cool and crazy!

Best hotel amenity: After studying abroad in Florence, I stayed for one night in a Hilton hotel before flying out of Rome airport. The hotel had heated floors and towel racks which, after living where I did, was pure bliss.

I dream about my meal at… Ah, I need to remember the name of the place! J and I had the most amazing meal ever in Santorini.

Everywhere I go, I check out: the local markets. I love the energy in those places and love to try to bargain for prices.

When I arrive in a new place: I check into my hotel/hostel then wander the area around it to check it out (my husband always wants to nap… boo)

I always bring home: something small that makes me think of where I went. This changes from place to place. In Africa it was a sculpted figurine of an antelope, in Peru it was crafts from the market, in Italy I had to get leather journals.

If I never return to a youth hostel again: I’d be sad! I love the community atmosphere and the people I always meet! I prefer the hostels in Switzerland to most places — the have down comforters!

If I had my choice, every trip would include: some type of outdoor adventure like hiking, kayaking, horseback riding or ice climbing.

I travel… for the food, photography and adventure!


2 thoughts on “A Lil Info About Me… And My Obsession With Traveling

  1. That’s my girl! You come by your love for travel honestly through all 3 (yes, 3) sides of the family.

  2. Glad we make it “look easy.” Not quite sure it will look like that on August 10th when I fly back to Vancouver by myself w/ both the boys. I already feel sorry for all those that will be sitting around us:). Miss you, friend!

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