Celebrating One Year, Hawaii Style

A couple of weeks ago J and I got to visit Maui to celebrate our one year anniversary. It was such a fun trip and spontaneous in so many ways. Because we were flying standby (the beauty of having a mother-in-law who is a flight attendant), we didn’t know until less than 48 hours before we left that we were even going to Hawaii! Sunday night we booked our rental car and condo ($90 a night! what a deal!), Monday we packed and Tuesday morning we were on our way!

I’d never been to Maui before so it was so special and fun to explore the island with J. We did a lot of laying on the beach, went snorkling almost every day, biked 32 miles down a volcano, watched surfers tackle big waves and mostly just breathed easy.

*breakfast at The Gazebo. Well worth the 2 hour wait for these banana-macademian nut pancakes with coconut syrup. yum!

We didn’t have perfect weather while we were there but as a trade-off, we saw huge rainbows like this one more than once.

•amazing rainbow in Lahaina

It was also whale watching season and J and I spotted several whales and their babies breaching on our afternoon hike along the coast one day.

J enjoying some traditional Hawaii mixed plate lunch:

Check out our van for the volcano bike ride! They would load it with around 15 bikes and then we’d all hop on and ride a brisk and sometimes scary downhill road back to the shop. Super fun! I highly recommend it!

Customary jumping picture:

• Kaanapali Bay, perfect for snorkling

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