A Better Blogger

Today is a gorgeous day… 80 degrees with a light breeze blowing through our apartment. I know I live in San Diego but days that are truly almost warm don’t happen very often on the coast and I can’t get enough of them when they do occur. I get cabin fever almost immediately when the weather is this beautiful. I can already feel it kicking in. Thankfully, after some lunch and a little spring cleaning, we’re headed to the street fair with some friends to continue our fun weekend outdoors. Does anyone love street fairs as much as I do? I’m on a quest for new sunglasses and maybe some kettle corn.

Yesterday, we loaded up our bikes on our new (to us) bike rack and headed down to Mission Bay and Coronado Island for a day of biking around, picnicking, the beach, and delicious Burger Lounge Burgers. Yum.

I decided today that I’m not so great at this blogging thing. If I were, I would have actually documented our fun day yesterday with pictures. I had a camera with me, I just never pulled it out. Oh well.

Today, however, I’ve decided to improve on my blogging thing. While the hubby is reading on the couch, I have been buzzing around the apartment with his fancy camera and fancy lens taking photos of all sorts of things that I’ll share later this week. I’m also currently washing our seat covers for our ikea kitchen chairs for the first time which makes me nervous. Why in the world did we decide that cream colored fabric was a good idea in an eating area?

So this is it, the first week of blog-mania. We’ll see how it goes. Maybe I’ll actually start documenting the things I cook/do/like/see.


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