Mission Haircut: Accomplished

As some of you know, this week I had a haircut and was on the fence about how much to cut off and what to do with my messy mane. Yesterday, only 2 hours from my appointment, I was still wondering what to do with my hair. I had a bunch of photos that inspired me but what would look good on me? I was feeling really, really tired of my length, but more because my ends were looking so stringy and dry than because I don’t like long hair. Take 2 inches off? More? All the way up to my shoulders? I was so afraid I would miss my long hair! Right before I left my dear friend Lyndsay stopped by (another Nashville to San Diego transplant and friend of about 9 years now) and encouraged me to go shorter. I could do it. I should do it.

I was feeling bold.


I get to the salon and Janea, my stylist who has gorgeous long red hair herself, was finishing up with the client before me… a woman with the most gorgeous, thick, long, beautiful hair I had EVER seen. I felt like at the end she should stand up and shake her head around in slow motion, then hold up a pantene shampoo bottle, like a commercial. In fact, everyone I could see in the salon had long, pretty hair. And there I was, ready to chop mine off. Gulp.

I showed Janea my photos and she was enthusiastic. I showed her how short I wanted it and she liked the idea. “Three inches…. that will look great!” No, not 3 inches, I told her… but perhaps a bit more? She wasn’t sure if I was sure. Heck, I wasn’t sure that I was sure either but I there and ready. MORE! I said.

So here it is, a day later and right before going to the gym (ie just out of bed, barely brushed and not at all styled… don’t judge). Not great pictures (I obviously took them myself) but hopefully you can see the difference. I love it! She ended up taking around 4-5 inches off and adding piece-y layers all over. Cutting off the length meant cutting off a lot of my sun-kissed ends but that will come after another beach-happy summer. It’s definitely still long by many people’s standards, but at just a few inches below my shoulders, short for me. And have I mentioned how healthy it looks with freshly cut ends? Amazing.


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