Time For A Little Hair Raisin’ Change

Tomorrow I’m getting my hair cut. It will be the first time in almost 5 months and boy oh boy does my hair need it. The ends have split into multi-branched pieces that just scream for me to pull out my scissors and start hacking away. I feel like tomorrow is time for a change, for a new look. This is scary for me. In my mind, getting a major haircut is like picking out a new car: it’s a commitment. You can’t take it back if in a week you change your mind. What might be good for someone else might be a bad choice on me. It looks great in the showroom but you can never make it look the same and home. And eventually, even the best choice will reach the end of it’s life.

So I’m at a bit of a crossroads. I’ve had long hair for a while now. Currently the longest pieces hit me in the middle of the back. It’s looking stringy, dry, dull. I have friends who dream of having long, thick hair that goes down their back but I’m kinda over it. I mean, sure it looks pretty when I spend 30 minutes fighting the waves to blow it dry or when I wrap each section around a curling iron, but if I do nothing to it I start to turn into a mean afro-head of puffy frizz. Seriously. But then there is the other side: will I regret it if I do a major chop?Will mourn the loss of my long locks? I’ll admit that Jennifer Anniston’s new do has me thinking that maybe this could be my new look, too (how CUTE is she?!).

I have been collecting photos on Pinterest for the past few months of other haircuts that are a bit less of a commitment, taking off a few inches and adding layers all over. No short bangs for me, though.

What do you guys think? Go short or stay longer? I don’t know what I’m gonna do tomorrow afternoon but I do promise this: tomorrow my hair will look a whole heck of a lot better. Janea at Vanity Hair Studio (Salona Beach) has magic cutting skills.


6 thoughts on “Time For A Little Hair Raisin’ Change

  1. I just chopped two and a half inches off of my hair about two weeks ago. This is the shortest mine has been in 5 years. But so far, I’m loving it for the summer. I’ll end up growing it back out, but I really like it! Fun, new and different.

    Jennifer looks precious with any haircut. So I try not to base my decision on her. Check out a few others with shorter locks. I think right above or at your shoulders would look SUPER cute! I wouldn’t go any shorter though. Keep a little length cause your hair is way too pretty to cut it all off!!!!

  2. I vote shoulder length with layers. Short enough to be sassy but long enough to pull up for the summer. What ever you choose you will look beautiful!

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