Photo Shootin’

Friends! I have been such the slacker about blogging lately. It’s not that I haven’t made anything tasty (I made this delish tortellini soup recipe last week that was quick, easy and so good) and seen anything adorable (just check out this oh so creative wedding with everyone riding a bike), I just haven’t found the time in my day to write about it. I work, I design, I exercise, I cook, I read, then I crash. You understand.

I has been a busy past couple of weeks. My hubby J has been busy shooting photos for various clients and I’ve been busy tagging along to scout great locations, direct models, swap lenses and hold various lighting equipment. It’s a glamorous job.

©2011 Jason Ward Studios. All rights reserved.
©2011 Jason Ward Studios. All rights reserved.

One job was particularly fun because J had discovered a section of Little Italy that had the most delightful antique and furniture shops. J warned me that I would be distracted by all the wonderful things in these stores and I’ll admit, it was hard to stay focused. One store in particular, Architectural Salvage, was so inspiring, with buckets overflowing with old door knobs, walls covered with brass keyholes, old doors waiting for a new home to display them and rustic crates stacked high. I was in heaven! This would be a perfect place to check out if you are renovating your home. Mixture Home store had amazing modern furniture and lighting, while Klassik was a step back in time with beautifully restored furniture from the 60’s and 70’s.

©2011 Jason Ward Studios. All rights reserved.

Back to the shoots… this really is one of my favorite things to do, directing photo shoots. I love the collaboration of creative minds and seeing how the photographer translates my ideas through his or her lens. J also did a shoot for Jedidiah’s fall fashion look book which was especially fun, hanging out with some dear friends for the day and seeing my friend Kelli’s fashionable designs brought to life. J did an AMAZING job with photography, as always! He’s so talented.

©2011 Jason Ward Studios. All rights reserved.
©2011 Jason Ward Studios. All rights reserved.

Check out more of the shoots at his site,
Jason is a commercial lifestyle, adventure sport and editorial photographer based in San Diego available for hire around the world.

A special thanks to Misty at Mixture (, Sergio at Klassik ( and both Elizabeth and Enrique at Architectural Salvage ( for allowing us to use share their amazing spaces for our photo shoot! Please go visit their stores in Little Italy. You won’t be sorry.

And I promise to blog more soon. Just need to get out of my spaghetti for dinner lazy rut. 🙂

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