Artist Inspiration: Color Wonderful

I’ve been slacking a bit on the design side of this blog. I think that because I’m a designer, sometimes I find myself drawn to things that are totally opposite from my all-day focus…thus, cooking. But today I saw this:

I’ve never been big on installations. I think I was a little scarred by one I visited in college that was equestrian themed with a maze full of hay and limbs of horses scattered all over the floor, weird music spinning in the background. I just didn’t get it. But this. THIS is beautiful. This is the kind of art that I can just stare at in amazement.

This installation was created by Gabriel Dawson, a Texas-based artist. Made entirely out of metal and thread, Dawson’s thread installations create “environments that deal with notions of social constructions and their relation to evolutionary theory and the self-organizing force of nature.” Above all, I find this artwork beautiful. I totally want to give this artist a big high five for creating something so simple and yet still intricate and unique. If you are in Dallas, you should check it out in person at the Dallas Contemporary; if not, see more of it at his site.

All artwork ©Gabriel Dawson


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