One Year Later: My Valentine’s Day Anniversary

I can’t believe it’s been one year. ONE FULL YEAR!

Last year on this day, after 3 full days of driving across the country with our pint-sized mascot, Maximus, by our sides, Daina (my road buddy and dear friend) and I had breakfast at Denny’s in Vegas before heading west to my new home–San Diego.

It really is hard to believe that just a year ago I packed up my life and left the place I loved to give a new town a chance as J and I prepared to get married. Moving is never easy but I’ve had a lot of experience at it. I was a military kid, moving every few years to not just a new city, but most often, a new country as well. I loved it…but by the time I was done with college, I was also done with moving and just wanted to stay put for a while. So, I moved back home to Nashville and deepened my southern roots for a few more years. I often said that the only two thing I could really imagine moving for was a boy, but I couldn’t really imagine that happening either.

Enter Jason. My sweet, adventurous, surf-loving, photo-taking love from San Diego. Enter the boy that would be awesome enough to make me wanna leave Nashville.

He really is that wonderful.

Of course, moving to San Diego isn’t too shabby either. In the year that I’ve lived here I’ve been to the beach more than I can count and STILL get excited when I can smell that sweet, salty air as I drive the coast.

It’s been a good year but one with a lot of adjustments. I miss my Nashville friends. They know me SO well and have become family to me over the years. We’ve vacationed together, cooked family dinners together, fought over stupid stuff together and loved each other well. I miss my family, watching my niece and nephew grow and change, eating lunch at my parents house on the weekends. I miss Fido (my favorite coffee shop) and Baja Burrito (their fish tacos rival any I’ve had in San Diego) and sweet tea and sitting on Keith’s front porch with friends. I miss silly things like knowing people everywhere I go and being known too. It’s strange to go from feeling popular to being almost anonymous.

But there have been good things too. It’s been a sweet time for me and J, exploring our town together. I love living in a little coastal community. The air just feels fresher here. I’ve made some amazing friends here that I am SO thankful for and have so loved the friends that J already had. I feel like I’ve known some of his guy friends for years now… they feel like brothers to me. I love my girls nights, my coffee dates with various friends. I love that I can see the ocean every day, everywhere I drive and that the mountains are just over the hill away. I love all the new places there are to explore with mountains to hike and coastlines to roam. I love the newness of things that being here has meant for me.

It’s been a good first year, San Diego. Good enough to stay around at least one more (sorry Nashville). I’m excited to see what the next year brings, as friendships deepen and I start to feel more settled here. I don’t know that this place is forever, but I want to walk with more than just my toes in the water.

PS I promise to finally get some more recipe posts up this week! I made a ridiculously good brined and roasted chicken along with a unique twist on mac and cheese.


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