I Heart Encinitas: Photos of a Hometown in the Making

Next Monday, on Valentine’s day, I will celebrate one year of living in Encinitas. A whole year of living just a few blocks from the beach. A year of living in a piece of paradise. I STILL have to pinch myself when I realize where I live. It is amazingly beautiful here… kinda like being in a vacation for daily life. I don’t take it for granted at all. The weather still amazes me, the sunsets take my breathe away, the ocean can command my attention at any time. I love it.

I decided that all of this beauty needs to be documented. After all, who knows how long living in paradise will last! So, a few weeks ago, armed with the only lens the hubs left behind (he was on a camping trip) I headed down to one of my favorite spots to watch the sunset and take a few photos. I realize that showing these photos might seem a little cruel to everyone who lives…well… everywhere else this winter. Most of the country has been dumped on with snow for the past few months while we ride bikes in shorts and watch the sun set over the Pacific, thanking God that we are having yet another lovely day.

So here you have it, my lovely new hometown. Just a lovely sunset at the beach. It really is something, isn’t it? I want to take more days to shoot what is around me here so as to not miss anything that makes this place so special so keep watching for more photos to be posted on this site. In the meantime, perhaps this is enough to inspire you to take a lil winter vacation to sunny San Diego.

surfers taking a minute to watch the sunset

the hubby heading out to catch some waves

All photos ©2011 Alexis Ward. All rights reserved. Please credit me and notify me if you are posting these photos somewhere else.

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