Hello, Deer. Aren’t you beautiful.

I’ve never been a fan of dead animals hanging on walls, but this made me laugh a lot when I saw it. She almost looks…well…pretty. Long eyelashes, pearls and all. Like she’s heading out for afternoon tea with Bambi. I don’t know who took this photo but kuddos to you, my friend.

On a similar note, I’m looking for some white antlers for decoration. They don’t have to be real, just have to look like it. Suggestions?


3 thoughts on “Hello, Deer. Aren’t you beautiful.

      1. We hung it above her “bar” area which is basically a white laquered console table w/ all sorts of colorful bottles on it. It’s a small downtown condo, so it’s on a wall between her living space & kitchen. Then we bought the small 8″ retro mirrors w/ the rounded corners from Ikea & framed the deer head with them. Very mid-century modern! The contrast of the white is great on her gray wall.

        Good luck & happy antler-decorating. 🙂

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