Artist Inspiration: Jolby Love

Do you have any websites bookmarked that you find yourself running back to again and again for eye candy and inspiration? Jolby is one of those sites for me. As a designer and illustrator myself, I’m always looking for great art to inspire me and spark an idea. I found this site a few months ago on Grain Edit, one of my favorite design resources.

A collaboration of the talents of Josh Kenyon & Colby Nichols, Jolby is a design and illustration studio based in Portland, Oregon. Their style is playful, light and fun and I can’t help but love it. They write that their two main goals when they approach a project are to “tell a memorable story” and “make people smile”. Well, my friends, you have done it again and again. I particularly liked their immensely clever Ping Pong Legends Mural. If you love these illustrations as much as I think you will, check out their Etsy store to buy prints, posters, cards and tshirts. Their illustrations would be perfect for kids rooms, not to mention my office.

*all images ©Jolby


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