Hey Mom! I’m on TV!

Living in Southern California for the past year (can you believe it’s almost been that long??!!) has been FULL of fun new experiences and adventures. Yesterday was my second time to head up to Studio City for a taping of the Ellen Show. Some of you are thinking, “I thought you only are allowed to go to one Ellen taping in a season?” You are right, but when we were invited to go to the Ellen taping back in September it was a less-than-positive experience that included HOURS of killing time, waiting in lines, waiting some more, then some more, all for a ultra-delayed premier show that ended about 13 hours after we initially arrived in Burbank. Ugh. It wasn’t all terrible… J showed me that he’s not afraid to ham it up on stage, Amanda won an ipod in a sing-off and I earned a not-as-exciting brown t-shirt for dancing in the aisles. In the end, the staff felt so bad for how the day went that they offered everyone tickets to return to the show for another, less miserable, taping.

So there we were yesterday, enjoying the MLK holiday in the sunny 80-something degree weather of Burbank, ready to give the Ellen show another chance… and hoping to walk away with some better free loot this time. We had lunch at Bob’s Big Boy which was just about as greasy as it sounds, but apparently not too greasy to spot some hollywood faces (which, too be honest, I wouldn’t have noticed on my own) — Dax Shepard (Crosby on the show, Parenthood) with his fiance Kristen Bell (When In Rome, Couples Retreat, Veronica Mars). Then it was off to the show! This time there was wayyy less waiting in line, thank goodness, and we all got to sit together.

Then it was time to dance.

The Ellen show is great for getting your heartbeat pumping. The dance music starts as soon as you enter to studio and everyone is showing off their dance skills before the show starts and during the commercial breaks. No, I didn’t win that trip around the world that I was hoping for but I did get to see J-Lo and some guy from some USA show (he was cute… but on a show called White Collar which I’ve never seen). We danced a lot, crammed into a photobooth for a lil after-show photo and laughed a lot. All in all, it was a super fun day and I enjoyed my time with Amanda, Kira and June. The show airs TODAY(Tues) and I might be easy to spot…I was wearing a yellow sweater, standing on the aisle about 8 rows back.


4 thoughts on “Hey Mom! I’m on TV!

  1. I totally watched that episode, but missed you in your yellow sweater. I was a teensy bit distracted by the Samster so I was kind of in and out during the show. Anyway, I wish I’d known you were there! I’d have been looking for you! So fun that you got to be there a second time! I must admit that I’m a big fan of White Collar, so I was kind of watching to see Matt Bomer.

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