Artist Inspiration: Cutest Cards Ever

Annnnnd I’m back! I took a little computer hiatus from Christmas until new years which felt wonderfully freeing. J and I went back to my old hometown of Nashville to spend the holidays with my family. We had a wonderful white Christmas at my brother’s house, complete with delectable sausage pastry squares (I must get the recipe from my sister-in-law) and some fierce Wii competitions. It was such a great break! More about that later…

This morning, in order to avoid my long to-do list of designing and book-keeping (bleh), I was checking out my friend Kelli Murray’s design blog. Not only does she have great fashion, but she is an amazing illustrator with a charming style. When she isn’t designing threads for Jedidiah where she works at the head designer, she creates art of her own. I was LOVING these cards that she is selling on Etsy.

They are so cute! She has other original art for sale as well…you should check it out on her blog,, or buy these adorable cards on her Etsy site.


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