I Said Yes!

It’s been a year… A YEAR!… since Jason surprised me with a Radnor Laker proposal in Nashville. How time flies!

I remember the day so well. It was an unusually warm day and my friend Emily and I had made plans to grab lunch before she left town for the holidays. J was getting in that night so I (thankfully) decided to get all dolled up before lunch so that I wouldn’t have to later. Emily–in on everything from the beginning–made a small detour on the way to lunch which included a stop at Radnor Lake. I got suspicious as soon as she grabbed her camera, said that her errand was on the trail and then started talking nervously along the way. I just KNEW something was up….J was there… somewhere. And sure enough, as we walked the trail chit chatting about our family holiday traditions, I heard someone singing behind me on the trail. It was Kris, a dear friend of mine with an amazing singing voice. He was trailed by his roomate on guitar, and together they led me to where J was waiting at the edge of the lake. My sweet J–I know he said wonderful things to me there on the edge of the lake, I just can’t remember them. What I DO remember was that it was incredibly sweet and when he asked if I’d be his wife I said yes. Such a great day!

Now it’s a year later and we are married, happy and excited about the life that is before us.


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