Renovation Wonders

My husband and I live in a small rented apartment in Southern California so renovations aren’t really a part of are vocabulary. We aren’t allow to paint or really change anything, so other than hanging photos and swapping out the shower head, everything is pretty much “as it was.” Yeah, exciting. But we live a few blocks (yes, blocks) from the beach so we can’t really complain.

The problem is, I can’t get enough of before and after renovation blogs. I LOVE to see how people transform their spaces! Today I found this wonder of a blog called Rambling Renovators and couldn’t stop looking at it. I love their design style! It’s so fun, bright and airy with just a right touch of vintage and modern. It’s truly just my style. Just check out their bedroom. I love the bold curtains, the vintage band photo they hung above the bed, the collection of pillows…. but it was actually this beauty of a lamp that caught my eye first. I want it. Does anyone know where it came from? Anyways… lots of great before and after photos on this blog. Maybe some day we’ll have our own space to spruce up and call our own.

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