I Love Pillows (much to my husband’s dismay)

What is it with men and throw pillows/ They hate them! I wonder where they think they would lay their heads if they didn’t have said pillows around to lounge on. My husband is like many others when it comes to the pillow argument with less or none being best. It’s too bad that I have a great love for pillows. They are truly the easiest way to update a room next to painting (which isn’t always possible in renting spaces like our own). I am currently awaiting this colorful pillow from Urban Outfitters, which sadly has been put on backorder TWICE. At this point I’m not even sure I’ll ever see this pillow on my couch. Ugh.

In the meantime, I spotted this beauty on Etsy. It’s sold but the seller has other pillows that are almost as lovely.


One thought on “I Love Pillows (much to my husband’s dismay)

  1. Pillows fall under the same category as asking for directions with men. Negative on both. Just imagine how plain everything would look without pretty pillows. Love the ones you have ordered!

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