Help-Portrait and Other Stuph

It’s Friday afternoon and I am tired with a capital T. I’m so excited to have a few (as in barely 5) minutes to update this blog with a few things. This week has kicked my butt with album cover comps, deadlines and record labels cramming to get things done before a nice long holiday break. I can’t wait to show off one of the projects I’m working on for Francesca Battistelli. She’s like the Sara Bareilles of the Christmas music world and has some AMAZING music! Hopefully her artwork will be just as amazing. I have been slaving away on these illustration-turned-photograph compositions for her album. They are tedious but have such a cool effect.

Last weekend J and I participated in this event called Help-Portrait. Started last year by my photographer friend to the stars, Jeremy Cowart, Help-Portrait offers professional portraits to those who can’t afford them. As my so-good-with-words-friend Annie Downs said, “Poverty steals a lot of things, like your home and car and food, but it also steals something on the inside. Help-Portrait feeds that something on the inside.” Last year I had the opportunity to volunteer with HP in Nashville and it was such a moving day. This year J and I decided to put on our own HP event here in San Diego. J knew that the high school where our church meets is full of families in need–it seemed like the perfect place to find families who would love a portrait. And so armed with 3 professional photographers, about a dozen volunteers and lots of snacks, we spent our Saturday chatting with and taking photos of about 25 families. It was an amazing day! Not only were the families that came SO thankful for the family portrait, some where just as happy to have people to show interest in them, to share a hug and some cider with them, to give them some of that dignity back. It was an awesome day! A special THANK YOU to Chick-fil-a for providing lunch for our volunteers… we even had enough to share with a family!

the Help-Portrait volunteers take a break to thank Chick-fil-a

Be sure to check out my newest recipes in GOOD FOOD and design finds in GOOD DESIGN! I’m posting my yummy creamy lemon linguine recipe today…. perfect with my Greek Panzanella Salad!

2 thoughts on “Help-Portrait and Other Stuph

  1. Yay for Help-Portrait and you guys for finding such great families. We had about half the turnout ourselves, probably because the weather was so yucky that day, but the families were terrific. And I think delivering was just as much fun, if not more. The moms from the shelter were running around and jumping for joy! I could’ve cried, they made me so happy.

    Anyway, Merry Christmas.

    1. Yeah, it was a good day but we even had way less families show up than expected. We decided that next year we should cast a wider net and invite more families. Cool photo site!

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